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Sep 28, 2019

3v3 Tournament rules


PLAYER REGISTRATION: All players must be registered on their teams' registration form before the tournament begins. Any team or player determined by the event director to have falsified age or skill level will be dismissed from the tournament. All players must carry proof of age. Players can only play on one team

ROSTERS: All rosters are final upon completion of the team's first game.

GENDER: Only male and female divisions

POOL FORMAT: Pool games can end in a tie. Games will be scored according to the following: 3 points for a win; 1 point of a tie and 0 points for a loss.

TIEBREAKERS: In pool play, ties between two or more teams will be broken by; 1) head to head results between tied teams; 2) goal difference in pool play Maximum of 5 goals per game; 3) Fewest goals against in Pool Play; 4) Playoff team shootout with entire rosters.

PLAYOFF OVERTIME: TEAMS WILL HAVE A 3 MINUTE "GOLDEN GOAL" OVERTIME PERIOD. If the score is still tied, the winner shall be decided by a shootout with the 3 players on the field at the end of golden goal period.

TEAM PLACEMENT: The teams will be on one side of the field and the parents/spectators on the other side. A maximum of 3 coaches, one of whom must be the same gender as the team, can be in the technical area, which is 2 meters from the half-way line and 7 metres wide (if not marked already). The home team will choose which technical area they occupy.

FORFEITED GAME: A forfeit shall be scored as 5-0.

SPORTSMANSHIP: Players, coaches, spectators are expected to act in the nature of good sportsmanship at all times. Abuse of referees will not be tolerated. Any instance of such conduct could disqualify the team from the tournament.

EJECTED PLAYERS: An ejected player (a player that receives a red card) will be suspended for a minimum of one game. Any additional sanctions will be determined by the discipline committee (the referee in chief and the tournament director). The coach/manager of the team will be advised of any additional sanctions. While the suspension is being served the offending player cannot be in the technical area or on the field of play at the field his/her team is playing a game on.

WEATHER POLICY: In the event of inclement weather, every attempt will be made for games to be completed during the day. However the referee in chief in consultation with the tournament director can shorten halves or proceed to penalty kicks/coin toss in the event of inclement weather preventing games from being completed in a reasonable fashion.

REFEREES: All referees are ASA certified officials.


All games shall be played in accordance with the FIFA "Laws of the Game", except as modified below:

LAW 1 - The Field of Play:

  • Field Dimensions: Length - 40 yards, Width - 30 yards.
  • Goal Area: The goal area (there is no penalty area) is ten feet wide and eight feet long.
  • Centre Circle: The center circle will be a 5 yards radius

LAW 2 - The Ball:

  • U10 and U12 teams will use size 4 ball
  • All other teams will play with size 5 ball

LAW 3 - The Number of Players

  • Six is the maximum number of players that can be dressed on a team. Only three field players at one time.
  • There are no goalkeepers.
  • Substitutes may occur at any dead ball situation, but players must get referees attention and enter and exit at the half-way line on the same side as where the technical areas are.

LAW 4 - The Players' Equipment

  • Players must wear shin guards.
  • Taping of jewelry is not allowed

LAW 6 - The Assistant Referee:

  • There is no assistant referees.

LAW 7 - The Duration of the Match:

  • The match lasts of two 10 minute halves.
  • The half time interval will be 2 minutes.
  • The clock will start on the kick-off at the beginning of each half when the check is complete. (see Law 8)
  • Time will be added onto the match if a serious injury occurs.

LAW 8 - The Start and Restart of Play:

  • ·The game will start with a "check" style start.
  • The team that wins the coin toss will start the game by kicking the ball forward to a player of the opposing team. Once the opposing team takes possession play starts (the ball is now checked).
  • The team that loses the coin toss will start the second half.
  • After each goal is scored the kick-off procedure will be completed with the team that scored the goal taking the kick and the opposing team taking "the check."
  • No goal can be scored direct from a kick-off or from a "kick in" as per Law 15.
  • On all restarts any opposing player has to be a minimum of 5 yards from the player taking the restart. Players failing to retire this distance may be cautioned.

LAW 9 - The Ball In and Out of Play

  • A ball that stops in the goal area without completely crossing the goal line will be considered out of play. The game will be restarted by a goal kick by the team defending that goal area.

LAW 10 - The Method of Scoring:

  • Goals can be scored from anywhere in the opposing team's half
  • No goals can be scored directly from a kick-in as per Law 15
  • If the ball goes into the opposing team’s net that is not a goal, the game is restarted with a goal kick.

LAW 11 - Offsides:

  • There are no off-sides.

LAW 12 - Fouls and Misconduct

  • No player may touch the ball within the goal area, however any player may move through the goal area. Any part of the ball or player's body on the line is considered in the goal area; the player is an extension of the area. An infraction occurs if a defender touches the ball in the goal area, a penalty kick is awarded to the offensive team. If an offensive player touches the ball within the goal area, a caution is given to the offending player.
  • If a defending player prevents a goal from being scored while in the goal area, a red card will be issued for a denial of a goal scoring opportunity (DOGSO). However, if a goal is scored from the subsequent penalty kick the red card will be downgraded to a caution for unsporting behaviour.
  • There are no slide tackles. Sliding to prevent the ball going out, that is not a tackle is allowed. Any player committing this offence will be cautioned.
  • If a player is ejected the team will continue to play with 3 players. The ejected player cannot remain in the technical area but can watch the game from the spectator side.

LAW 13 - Free Kicks:

  • All free kicks are indirect
  • Opponents must be a minimum of 5 yards from the player taking the kick
  • For an offence by the attacking team in the defending team's goal area, the restart can be taken anywhere on the goal line that does not form part of the goal area.

LAW 14 - The Penalty Kick

  • A penalty kick is taken 15 feet from the goal line, from the mid point of the goal.
  • All other players except the player taking the kick must be behind the ball and at least 5 yards from the kicker.

LAW 15 - The Throw In:

  • There are no throw ins.
  • Any restart from the touch line that would have been a throw in, in a regular game, will be restarted by a kick in with the ball on the touchline.
  • At least part of the ball must be touching the touchline.
  • Opposing players must be a minimum of 5 yards from the ball.
  • A goal cannot be scored directly from a "kick-in."

LAW 16 - The Goal Kick:

  • All goal kicks will be taken anywhere on the goal line that is not part of the goal area.
  • Opposing players must be a minimum of 5 yards from the ball.
  • No goals can be scored directly from a goal kick.

LAW 17 - The Corner Kick:

  • Opposing players must be a minimum of 5 yards from the ball.